Friday, June 16, 2017

It's Festival Season Y'all!

Our local festival is this weekend, so we took the boys last night for "wristband night."  You get unlimited rides for $15 instead of $2-3/ride.  Travis got slightly ill on the first ride.  Alex rode everything a zillon times.  Except the Zipper.  That thing is crazytown.

All of the rides for Sam are pretty much the same, just differnet vessels for the kids to sit in.  Only difference is that some go up and down while going around in circles.  Sam was quite partial to the dragons.  He rode it 4 times in a row, then went to the airplanes for two times, and then back to the dragons.  I thought he was gonna cut a little girl that got to the blue dragon before he did.  He threw in a couple times on the cars for good measure too.
The best part for me was the carnival workers weren't paying attention to the foliage when they set up the airplane ride.  So when the planes would go up, they would "fly' the kids right through a tree branch.  Sam would squeal each time and yell, "The leaves are ticklin' me Mama!"

Also, Alex doesn't like funnel cake.  Who's kid is that?

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