Friday, January 30, 2015

Big Brother

Sam is not feeling super great.  I think he's working on some more teeth, which leads to congestion and fever.  Fun!  Last night was not a restful night for him.  And during one of his grumpy fits around 3am, I heard Alex's door open.  Within seconds, a groggy, eyes half closed, blanket cape wearing Alex came through Sam's door with one thing to say..."Is there anything I can do to help?"

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Everything is Under Control

Alex was all sorts of not wanting to go to school yesterday morning.  After a lot of reminding him that he likes it at school and that it's not that many hours until he's done for the day and that I will see him at the end of the day, we were back on track and smiling.  So, we started getting suited up in winter gear and realized I couldn't find his boots.  Did he know where they were?  Nope.  Did he leave them at school?  Nope.  Is he sure?  Did he wear them from school to daycare?  Yeeeeeessss, Mom.

Well shit.  Then we must have left them at daycare.

So, I rearranged my morning routine, told Alex he was going to be a "car drop off" which he was completely thrilled about for some reason, and off we went to daycare to drop Sam off and retrieve the allusive boots.  But they weren't there.  They weren't in his regular room.  They weren't in the other big kid room.  After the second scouring of his regular room, it hit me.  The boots were in my truck.  Right where I put them the day before after I said, "Hey buddy, can  you please carry your backpack and I'll grab your boots."

Yep.  I said that outloud, grabbed the boots, put them in the truck, and then completely forgot about them.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015


One of us finished our before bed bottle.  

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Two Down

Alex lost his second tooth last night.  It had been loose for a while now and when he pushed on it with his tongue, it would jut out at about a 45 degree angle.  While he was in the bath last night, he kept playing with it, so I told him if he grabbed it with his thumb and finger and wiggled it while pulling up a little bit, it would probably come out.  He immediately grabbed and started wiggling it as I looked the other way gagging.  And within a couple seconds he proudly announced he got it.  I turned around to see a glob of spitty blood in his hand and the tiniest little tooth ever.  He was incredibly proud of himself, and quickly made a request to call Grandpa Z to tell him.

After books at bed time, he asked if the toothfairy was going to come.  Heck yes she is!  And what did he think/hope the toothfairy would leave him?  90¢ and  KitKat.  I'm bettin' she'll come through kiddo.

Man he was excited to show me the toothfairy 5:52 this morning.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Close Quarters

Claire thinks a selfie stick is a good idea.  Can't imagine where she would get that silly idea...


This is what happens when I leave Travis home to put the boys to bed so I can go out with some friends:

"Alex's UnderJam ripped.  Nailed it!"

Yep, that's duct tape.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Makin' Up For It

My back is not doing well.  I had a steroid injection last Wednesday to try to right this wonky nerve.  The injection can take 2-5 days (and possibly up to two weeks) to take effect.  And in the mean time, you can experience "flare ups."  Any guesses on where we currently are?  6 days in, no relief, and a whole boat load of flare up.  Basically the pain is as bad as it was at the beginning of this mess.  So when I can stand and try to accomplish even the smallest of tasks, it usually ends up with me wincing, yelping, and rushing for the couch or bed or any horizontal surface where I can lay on my back, but kinda tilted to the right side.  Super fun.

This whole thing is beyond frustrating, but one thing that is really breaking my heart is I don't get to be with Sam as much.  I really cannot hold/carry him or pick him up without pretty substantial pain, so we haven't had as much time together lately.  I thought it was only bothering me until I picked up from day care yesterday.  I was standing there talking to his teacher about his day while she was holding him, and he was getting all sorts of agitated.  She handed him to me, and he giggled and snuggled his face into my neck.  And this morning he completely lit up when Travis brought him within eye sight of me.  So I mean, it's pretty awesome to see the physical manifestation of his love for me, but it's a big ol' punch in the chest at the same time.

Alex has been very sweet about it all.  The other night, I got a huge shot of pain when I was laying down to read bedtime stories with him.  I was trying to breathe through it with minimal guttural sounds and my eyes closed.  I opened my eyes when I felt his little hand on my face.  He was about 3 inches from my eyes and said, "Try to be brave, Mom.  I'm sorry it hurts you."

And with that, he completely made up for telling me I'm "the worst mom EVER!" on Friday.  Why am I the worst mom ever?  Because I cut him off after 4 episodes of Paw Patrol.  I know.  How dare I?

Thursday, January 15, 2015

The Things We Do

I did it.  I used the snot sucker.  I had to.  Travis was already gone at work, and Sam couldn't breathe through his nose.

All I have to say about it is this:

Thank you, Lora, for creating my gif of perfection.

Clippity Clip

Last night I trimmed Sam's toe nails in an effort to thwart any tree climbing plans he had.  Good gravy that kid gets an A+ in toe and finger nail growing.  One of the clippings flew to places unknown upon it's release from that baby's fat foot.  I let out a mediocre, "meh...I'll find that later." and went on with my chore.

And find it later I did!  In his hair.  Some kids get clips or bows or cute hats.  Not my boys.  They get toe nail crowns.

All Hail King Sam!  The best toe nail grower this side of the Mississippi.**

**Not a proven title, but I dare you to challenge it.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

I call "Not it!"

So this is a thing that is going to be employed at our house:
Oh not by me!  No.  Travis said he'll do it.  And good thing too; Sam is crazy congested.  But honestly, I think I have done an awful lot of phsically gross shit in making sure that kid had and continues to have a healthy start to life...Sucking the snot out of his nose with my mouth does not need to be on that list.

(And no, Joe, I am not holding that with my foot.)
I'm still here.  I'm still tired.  I'm pretty much not sick anymore.  I'll write soon.  This being busy at work thing is for the birds.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

He Who Wears Many Hats

Guess who was pret-ty excited he found his Wisconsin hat?

He first came into the kitchen with the hat tipped super far back on his head.  Kinda like most little kid cartoon characters that wear hats...
Travis quickly remedied that situation.

He was also excited that we found his In-N-Out hat.  This picture was captured mid-"Triple hats is sooooo coooooollll!"

Let's not talk about the fact that he called it "triple hats" and he only has two hats.  We also are not discussing the fact his shirt on backwards.  Don't worry about it.

Sleepiest of all the sleepies

I am so tired and still sick.  And I am sick of being tired.  And really tired of being sick.

The lack of sleep I am experiencing is absurd.  Sam is still getting congested when he lays down which leads to drainage that he gags on in his sleep which freaks him out, so he wakes up scream-coughing about 4 times a night.  Add that to Alex randomly having coughing fits that wake me up but not him.  Add that to me constantly coughing if I am at any angle other than exactly vertical.  Add in some impressive snoring from Travis.  Don't forget to add the dog suddenly not being able to go through the night without going out.  But that wouldn't quite be, not for her...she has to go out 3 times a night all of a sudden.

I. Am. So. Tired.

I swear Travis, Alex, Sam, and the dog got together and decided to start a pool to see how long I could be deprived of sleep before a full psychotic break happens.  They each threw in five bucks (don't ask how the dog has money; you don't need or want to know) and picked a date.  The one that picks the date closest to the eventual breakdown wins the pot.

They're all a bunch of rat bastards.