Monday, November 20, 2017

Nick Names

When Alex was about 3, one of his aunts gave him a Cars flip open sofa; same idea as this one, but just a different cover.  The one we have has Lightining McQueen plastered all over it as well.  That little sofa some how made it through Alex, and has been passed down to Sam.  He has decided it is his favorite TV watchin' spot, and frequently asks me to move it away from the wall into a front and center viewing position.  The fantastic part is what he calls it...

"Mama?  Can you pleeeeeeease move my Lightining McCouch?"


Someday I will not be dealing with urine and fecal matter on a daily basis.  Right?  RIGHT??!!

We are still trying to get Sam to wake up and go to the bathroom if he has to pee at night.  Travis (who has decided he is completely against Pull-Ups now) has been slacking on his routine of waking Sam up a couple hours after we put him down, so about 3 or 4 nights a week, Sam pees in his sleep and I end up having to wash his bedding.  It's not that big of a deal because it's only a mattress cover and a couple blankets as I am smart enough to not put sheets on until we are done with this, but still.  It's bedding laundry multiple times a week.  But this morning?  This morning pushed me over the edge.

I went in to wake Sam up and notice he was not on his bed.  He was on the floor with two blankets.  He woke up, I asked why he was sleeping on the floor, and he told me he fell off his bed.  Uh huh.  So I aksed if his undies were dry and he sleepily assured me they were.  He stood up to show me and that's when I was just about knocked over from the stench of urine wafting off my child.  We removed the completely pee covered undies, and I put him in the tub.  I headed back into his room to collect the soiled bedding and as I was picking the blankets up off the floor, I begged and pleaded with the pee gods that he had wrapped himself up enough as to not get pee on the carpet.  Welp, the pee gods are a bunch of jerks.  I will be lugging the carpet cleaner upstairs after I finish this.

But, I suppose having to clean the carpet in his room is just the push I needed to properly clean the hallway carpet.  Why do I have to do that you ask?  Did the dog decide to once again use that area as her personal bathroom?  Oh no...this would be another mess de Sam.  On Saturday evening, he told me he had to go potty.  Since he is completely able to pee by himself, I sent him upstairs.  A minute later he was calling for me from the top of the steps.  I went over to find him standing there naked from the waist down, singing to me that he couldn't get his underwear back on.  I sternly told him he needed to try and he plopped down on the floor.  He plopped his naked butt on the carpet.  His naked butt that had just done a lot more than pee.  His naked butt that had decidedly not seen any toilet paper after doing a lot more than peeing.  And then he hopped back up and plopped back down.  And up and down again.  With each plop down, he left a tiny bloop of poo on the carpet.  He was like a bingo dauber of poo.

And then the icing on the cake?  I was frustrated and said, "Why didn't you tell me you pooped?!?!?  I would have helped you!!!"  He looked at me with a straight face and without missing a beat said, "I didn't poop."

Tuesday, November 14, 2017


There have been some times when I realized maybe I shouldn't be so grumpy about something minor after seeing it from the perspective of one of the boys.  Yesterday morning was one of those times. 

I woke up to see everything outside covered in a thick layer of frost and immediately grumbled.  But then Sam looked outside.  "Mama!  The grass and everything is covered in frosting!"

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Pee Walker

We have been trying to get Sam to be potty trained through the night.  There was some back and forth about the timing...I think/thought he was too little.  Travis thinks/thought he is fine and was sick of buying Pull-Ups.  Due to the disagreeing opinions, "we" decided Travis would have to be the one to wake Sam up to go to the bathroom during the night.  That was the only way we could convince Alex's body to realize it needed to pee, so we figured we'd start there with Sam.

Well, when I'm wrong I will admit it.  And for quite a few months, I happily did not have to admit it while I was begrudgingly washing bedding almost every night.  But, all of a sudden, it stuck...for the most part.  He still doesn't usually wake up on his own, but he is making it through the night more often than not.

Last night, he woke up, called for me, and said he had to pee.  So we stumbled to the bathroom.  At the threshold, Sam dropped his undies to his ankles and started waddling into the bathroom.  My thought of this being odd quickly shifted to NO!NO!NO!NO! when I realized he was peeing while walking to the toilet.  So, today instead of washing bedding, I am scrubbing the bathroom floor.

I'm buying more Pull-Ups.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

This One

No school Mondays mean I get a fun lunch date.

Potty Mouth

This morning on the way to day care. Sam was singing as usual, but today's lyrics were a  I realized mixed in with all the gibberish was, "Pinchin' your butt, pinchin' your butt, pinchin' your butt and poooooooooooooooooopin'."  I told him I didn't like that song because the words were not polite.

"Ooooookkkkkkkk!  I'll sing a different song.  A, B, C, D, E, F, Geeee, H, I, J, K, poopin' on a tree."

Thursday, November 2, 2017

One Reason

There are many times, like daily, that I question our decision to have children.  Can you imgaine how much flipping money/santiy/free time/space for activities we would have without these little suckers?  But as soon as it all seems too overwhelming to handle, one of them makes my heart explode.

At dinner last night, out of nowhere, Sam put down his fork, looked around at the rest of us and just said, "I really love you guys."